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What is Wifey's World?

Wifeysworld.com was started in 1998 in response to the tremendous popularity Wifey and her husband received on the Usenet Groups. Articles in Playboy, Wired and various other media outlets quickly pushed Wifey's World to the top of the amateur nitch- the same spot it occupies now.

Wifey's World has proven itself over the years to be the most popular amateur site on the web. Wifey's mass appeal is guaranteed to make you money. The site's longevity and popularity are the ingredients that will make you, the webmaster, successful as well.

How do I check on the amount of clicks and/or sign-ups I have sent?

Statistics can be checked on the 'Live Stats' page. All statistics are calculated in real-time.

How do I know you're not shaving my stats?

We've been acknowledged as technical leaders for a long time and have taken care to build fast, accurate reporting systems. We're known for our honest and forthright business style and we invite you to click though and test us. All statistics are calculated in real-time.

What are your content guidelines?

You can advertise on any site aimed at an adult audience that does not include or allude to child pornography, bestiality, rape, password selling or trading, copyright or trademark violations, or violations of any rights of privacy or publicity. Traffic cannot be generated via newsgroup or IRC postings or spam e-mails. Anyone breaking these guidelines will forfeit all earnings with their first offense.

Can I put up multiple banners on multiple sites?

Yes. We recommend it. The more banners you put up the more money you make!

Can I open a new browser when your banner or link is clicked?

Yes. One browser window may be opened. Opening multiple browser windows containing links to other websites is not allowed.

Can I load your site in a frame?

No. Our site may not be opened or loaded in a frame.

Can I send you forced exit traffic?

No. All clicks must come from people who consciously choose to visit Wifeysworld.com. This means that using java to alter the behavior of the 'Back' or 'Close' button is not allowed.

Do you have a restriction on Google Ad words?

Yes. No affiliate is allowed to purchase directly competing adwords to the primary Wifey's World site. This includes "Wifeysworld", "Wifeys World" or any derivative. Any affiliate found attempting to spoof or copy the Wifeysworld site will be immediately terminated and will forfeit any payments due.

Do you allow blind links?

No. We will terminate any accounts found to be sending traffic via blind links.

Can I post your banners in pic posts & thumbnail post sites?

Yes. You may post banners and links on thumbnail post and Top 50/100 sites as long as they fit our content guidelines. Please read our content guidelines.

Why must I load some banners from your site?

We work hard to keep our content up-to-date and original. To help publicize this we've created banners that advertise our weekly feature production. Doing this means that you're guaranteed up-to-date banners on your site and need never worry about banners getting old.

Can I use content I find on your site to help advertise?

No. To make things easier for you we have a number of banners, free hosted galleries, and downloadable zip files to choose from. Please let us know if there is a type of advertising material you would like to see made available. You can use any materials in our "Marketing Tools" section located in the affiliate area.

How often do you update the banners, etc?

We're always updating the site and the advertising materials you have access to. We will inform you via email when we upload new material and banners.

Do you accept non-English traffic?

Yes. Sites that are not written in English are fine if they fit our content guidelines.

How often do we show you the money?

We send you a check every two weeks for the commission you've earned. We send out checks every Friday and they cover the period ending the prior Sunday. We only send a check if you've earned $100 or more. Payment is carried over to the next pay period if you've earned less than this amount.

I have not received a check, what should I do?

Please contact us (support at wifeysworld.com) and we will get back with you within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that you have to earn a minimum of $100 to receive a check.

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